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Video: Transmedia in Canada

By Anita Ondine | April 30, 2013

Look north for some exciting transmedia projects.

We often hear about transmedia in Hollywood, but if we glance a tad northwards we can see there is also a hive of transmedia activity taking place in Canada and an army of passionate transmedia practitioners and evangelists making the transmedia industry come alive.

A prime example of top quality Canadian transmedia content is Highrise, a multi-year, many-media collaborative documentary experiment funded by the National Film Board of Canada under the visionary direction of Kat Cizek. The National Film Board has been one of the primary promoters of transmedia in Canada and have supported a range of innovative projects including:

In addition to the National Film Board productions, there are several high profile practitioners including Siobhan O’Flynn and Carrie Cutforth-Young and transmedia evangelist Christine Lim-Labossiere, CEO of Merging Media, who are playing leadership roles in the development of transmedia in Canada.  

One of the other main commercial drivers of transmedia in Canada is the Canda Media Fund’s requirement that television shows have a digital media companion in order to receive funding through their Convergent Stream.

If you are looking for some transmedia inspiration, look north!

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cyng: | May, 03, 2013

Thank you so much Anita! I feel so honoured to be mentioned. Just wanted to give a shout out to Anthea Foyer who is our compadre in arms at Transmedia 101 and a diginista as well as the other meetups: Transmedia Vanvcouver & Transmedia Quebec/Montreal headed by Lucas Johnson and Stephane Blais…with more meetups being rumoured to be in the works.

Also all my fellow board members of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (a non-profit association officially being announced in the next week or so) that include many pioneering transmedia storytellers. (More soon!)

And of course the award winning guys from Stitch Media, Smokebomb, Secret Location, the CFC Media Lab, Jill Golick (Ruby Skye PI), Scott Albert…the list goes on and on and on! WE LOVE transmedia in Canada.

Also both Bell and the IPF fund transmedia/webseries here as well.

And if you are an American company looking to co-prodco with Canadians…you know where to look! *Waggles eyebrows.

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